New York Stewart International Airport has several major carriers providing daily passenger service to a growing number of major domestic and transatlantic cities. The airport also has a 150-acre cargo terminal that houses Emery Express and FedEx.

New York Stewart International Airport is a fully-equipped, 24/7 facility capable of handling the world’s largest aircraft, including C-5As, A-340s, and B-747s. Stewart presents outstanding business opportunities and has the potential to become a major cargo airport.

Located at the intersection of Interstates 87 and 84, New York Stewart International Airport is perfectly situated for efficient distribution of air cargo to and from areas in the northeast, mid-Atlantic region, and the Midwest. Leading markets such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Boston, Buffalo, Toronto, and Montreal are within 250 miles of the airport and Stewart is just 60 miles from New York City. Stewart International Airport is also home to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s New York Animal Import Center, which provides mandatory import quarantine services for animals entering the U.S.       

In 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to invest $34 million into Stewart International Airport. Most of that money will fund a 20,000 square-foot terminal addition and permanent federal inspection station which are currently under construction. The remaining $7 million will go towards solar panel installations to power most of the main terminal and install electric car charging stations. 

New York Stewart International Airport